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Friday, August 2, 2013

Toy Review: AGP MS Girl Gundam Wing Zero (EW Version)

Yukina Schneelein's base for in this AGP MS Girl Gundam Wing Zero has a very slender shape and very anime-ish features. There are some oddities in the paint application such as where the silver paint transitions to its skin. Some parts of the body have visible holes that will be used when the armor is attached.

The only part that needs replacing are her feet, making a more mechanized feel and somewhat closer to Gundam Wing Zero OVA. Her initial shin armor comes in three parts covering most of the lower part of her body. To assure that everything stays in place, you do have to hear that certain click to proceed to the next steps. Easiest parts to attach are for her arms, simple yet secured totally and will not wobble as it hugs the wrists really tight. A good thing right?

Second half is mostly on her waist with the armor that is equally efficient in wrapping itself on the figure. These have swivel points allowing more breathing room for the legs.The most exciting part is enabling the wings. Just like the waist suit, the upper body armor comes in one piece together with the shoulder pads. This time, the piece is locked with a peg to lock the wings at the back. The wings have really nice decals and can match the some of the MG Gundam model kits to date. Each wing is supported with its own arm that conjures the right amount of movement. Finally there are additional head replacements, one with her hair longer than the other. You can simply replace this with a two-step process that also allows free swapping of the face replacements. Two kinds of weapons included such as the Twin Buster Rifle with the handle that moves forward and back and also combines into one solid piece. Next are Beam Sabers with the handle found at the back of her wing attachment and 3 pairs of hands. Oh don't forget that this has its own stage and a wind effect.

It is my first time to receive a figure that mashes both Gundam and a figure with joints similar to a Figma. The only problem I had with the figure was attaching the stand at the back as it didn't had enough room to squeeze in, most of the time I could feel the peg rubbing against other plastic parts. Other irks I can see are the funky joints. Nonetheless this is a fantastic figure - a girl on a Gundam armor. That alone is just epic to hear. I do recommend this figure, only if you love anime girls and Gundam. More to this from the video review below.



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