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Friday, August 16, 2013

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Jun Kazama Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The Play Arts Kai Jun Kazama's motif exemplifies purity, having a white outfit accentuated with black bird emblems and a scarf. Also, her white hairband was retained from Tekken 2 but her updated features include black colored sandals. So much following the Player 1 default costume in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 game.

Jun only has two replaceable hands. These are used for her in-game fighting stance. Exchanging the default wrists feels much better than Play Arts Kai Ryu and has a more firm grip. Since we only have two extra hands, Square Enix also through in a Stage just in case you want to those aerobatic moves Jun does on the game. 

This Play Arts Kai figure's head sculpt isn't really accurate, having the same features in the game illustrations. She has more Caucasian accents and less Asian-like despite her Japanese heritage. Her scarf is molded from a soft rubbery plastic and does not hinder her arm movement. What I really like to complain is the plastic waist section that is all over the place whenever you pose the figure. Even with that, it seems to help a lot in leg articulation. Over all her paint application in my opinion is very clean.




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