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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Ryu Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (Black Variant)

The Play Arts Kai version of Super Street Fighter IV’s one of the most played character Ryu tries to capture the looks and the body type that of the game. Basically, it does look the part with the torn Gi, air brushed dark tones and those over-sized muscles. With the huge upper body, the feet do help in keeping the figure balanced, even in some signature stances.

Ryu is inclusive with a pair of additional hands, a face replacement and fireball effects and the supporting stand. It is not that easy a first to make the change from the default face to a screaming version as the plastic sometimes gets harden making it difficult to take out. What is annoying are the hands that rest on a very small ball joint. These pegs do not have a secure way of holding these together. The fireball effect needs to use the stand it is at an exact level for his hadoken pose.

White variant or black, some might complain that the head sculpt slightly misses its likeness of the game illustations. This doesn’t really bother me a lot but again the hands needed a better improvement to make these more secure when posed in a certain way. He has the simple Play Arts Kai joint articulation and nothing out of the ordinary. I’d still recommend this figure to Street Fighter figure collectors just a bit of a warning to the limited hand movement. 



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