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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Akiba Blue (Season 2 ver.)

S.H. Figuarts Akiba Blue Season 2 may not be like Yellow by just having a different head mold. Luna’s version, aside from the updated hair sculpt, seems to be using a darker shade of blue paint application than season 1. Aside from the color changes, she sports some type of leg straps that were absent from the first release.

She has 12 extra hands, 2 more than season 1, the MMZ 01 in doll and gun mode and 2 mufflers. Luna has two Inordinate weapons, the Zyuranger Buckler and the Hurricane Ball as season from season 2 episodes. The Zyuranger Buckler is a huge belt with pegs on its sides to lock together on the figure. This is a universal piece and can fit either AkibaYellow or AkibaRed. Its Hurricane Ball is nothing but a ball painted with the main colors of Hurricaneger attached to a metal chain and handle.

Converting the initial parts for the Daisoreta Bomber is quite a walk in the park. It is just a matter of connecting both hands, detaching the chain from the ball and then placing these on the back of the hands. Then the buckle goes together with the ball and attaching both on the hands. In this mode, it is hard to find the balance and the letting the figures hold the bomber so a Tamashii Stage will help in he mix.

Now combining these three with other Inordinate weapons from the past season is a bit complicated. The platforms from the hands become the pegs to connect with the cuffs and then the wings are placed on top. The ball and the buckle goes behind the wings and finally the scoop to finish. The complete Daisoreta Cannon Bomber is literally a huge weapon even for the three Akibarangers so it is important to have or find support from the Tamashii Stages.

It is good to know that Bandai is offering the same price range as the first season plus added more making this line more playable. Probably it is not meant to at first, but the season 1 weapons match perfectly with the inordinate weapons of season 2. But the scoop feels a bit wobbly since the strength is more on the front part on the Daisoreta Cannon Bomber. As for the figure, season 2 actually looks more mature despite that Luna is younger Mitsuki. Season 2 brings more bang and absolutely a better set thus a must have for Akibaranger fans.




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