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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

KyoryuRed Carnival Attachments For Kyoryuger Hyper Battle DVD

The latest magazine scans have revealed other attachments forKyoryuRed Carnival that will be featured in Televi Magazine's Kyoryuger Hyper Battle DVD. KyoryuRed Carnival will use the Plesuon's Plescanon Arms & Ankydon's Ankydon Hammer Arms and this form will be called Telemaga Carnival. 

Another scan shows KyoryuRed Carnival using these attachments against Dogold with a finishing move called the Super Canon Kougeki. KyoryuRed Carnival can accessed by Gabutyra De Carnival 1+ Beast Battery, that can be combined with the Gabrevolver to form GabreCarnival. The Gabutyra De Carnival is Gabutyra in chibified and it can transform into a gun.

Source: NihonHero, HeroShock


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