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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai DC Variant Green Lantern

At last Square Enix drove deeper in the DC universe with this release of the Play Arts Kai Green Lantern. But rather than taking a jump and lifting one of the comic book artworks, Square Enix brings another futuristic flavor in creating the figure. As for the head, the figure sports a pair of white eyes and the infamous green mask, finishing it off with a gel-ed up hair style which makes it more anime-ish. The rest of the body is mostly wrapped with green translucent plastic and coarse texture for the rest of the gray parts. Of course this will not be Green Lantern if the Power Ring on the right hand and on the chest is absent.

Green Latern is only inclusive with a Play Arts Kai platform, two pairs of open relaxed hands and a nicely crafted effect with a hand molded in. The effect uses the same technique just like other replaceable hands. Since the slot of the hand is too tight, you might need to do the screw maneuver to secure this in. This effect is lightweight and will not hamper the figure's balance. 

I truly welcome Green Lantern as an addition to the growing Play Arts Kai family but there are some areas I am not entirely happy about. For example is the flesh color tone on the face is uneven. If you check the comparison between ears, you'll definitely see the uneven paint application. The soft armor parts on the shoulders warp easily and you might need to use a hair dryer to bring these back to their default shape. Other than that, this is a great figure to have and if you are into over-the-top designs on Play Arts Kai, this 10 1/2 inch figure is the one you need. More to this from the video review below.



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