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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Ken Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Vol.4 of the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition in Play Arts Kai starts with the release of Ken Masters. Ken has dark tan airbrushed on the exposed flesh areas and muscle veins. The figure uses a cleaner, well-kept red fighting Gi, a familiar sight especially for long-time Street Fighter fans.

This Play Arts Kai comes with two extra hands, a Dragon Punch effects part an extra face replacement and a stage. Square Enix thankfully ditched the ball joints on the wrist and came back to the old peg system I more confortable with. The Dragon Punch effect slips though Ken’s forearms but you need to place the wrist on an angle to fully lock in.

During this review, I was having a hard time finding what is right and wrong on the figure since there is a mix carried in one frame. What I am talking about is the mismatch and inconsistency between the red suit on the upper and lower half. Next is how seamless mold of the upper frame then awkwardly stops, cornered on his pelvic area. On the positive side, Ken feels better than Ryu when it comes to poseability and accessories included. His joints are even tighter that is good since some Play Arts Kai figures diminishes that feature after several hours of playing. More to this from the video review below.


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