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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Akibaranger's Maaya Uchida Stars In Robot Girls Z Anime

Maaya Uchida
Voice actress Maaya Uchida from Hikonin Sentai Akibarangers will star in the new anime entitled: Robot Girl Z that will premier this January 2014. Robot Girls Z is a new project that turns Dynamic Planning and Toei Animation's robots into beautiful girls. In the new anime, Uchida will be playing as 14-year-old Gecchan.  Joining Maaya Uchida is Minami Tsuda (Pokemon Best Wishes!) who will play 20-year-old Zieg-san.

Minami Tsuda

Gecchan, a reference to Getter Robo, is extremely spoiled and blunt, and although she has lots of firepower, she is also impulsive and unpredictable. She always needs to acknowledged a lot to meet her full potential.  Her weapons include a Getter Tomahawk and Getter Beam. Zieg-san, a reference to Kotetsu Zieg, heads a super-popular circle and the oldest of the robot girls. Weapons of choice includes Knuckle Bomber, Spin Storm, and Mach Drill.

Other cast members include Mariko Honda as Z-chan (a girl reimagining of Mazinger Z), Inori Minase as Gre-chan (Great Mazinger), Kazusa Aranami as Grenda-san (UFO Robo Grendizer), Aya Hisakawa as Ashura, Yukiko Morishita as Garada K7, Nao Toyama as Daburasu M2, Kaori Takaoka as Gai-chan (Gaiking), Satomi Satou as Gacky (Ga-Keen), Ayumi Tsuji as Bara-tan (Baratack), Chiharu Kitaoka as Dandan (Danguard Ace), Yuna Taniguchi as Geromazen R9, Kanako Miyamoto as Gerossum X2, Mika Kikuchi as Minerva X, and Shizuka Furuya as Line X1.

The 3 main characters form a group called Robot Girls Z or Team Z. They, as a unit, are assigned promote the future energy source Photon Energy and the same time protect from enemies. The girls operate in Nerima Ward Oizumi Academy's Photon Energy District in Tokyo.

The title of the theme song is entitled simply, "Robot Girls Z" by Kikai Shojo Tai which comprises of Honda, Minase, Aranami, Uchida, and Tsuda. Nippon Columbia will be distributing the single in 2014. Robot Girl Z is directed by Hiroshi Ikehata  while Kazuho Hyodo will helm in writing, character design is done by Tetsuya Kawakami. 

Source: ANN


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