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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gaim's Strawberry And Watermelon Arms, Team Invitto Introduced

With Kamen Rider Gaim episode 5 is entitled: I'm Back! Friendship's Ichigo Arms! "Fukkatsu! Yūjō no Ichigo Āmuzu!" (復活!友情のイチゴアームズ!) airing on November 10, it sets the debut  Kamen Rider Gaim's Strawberry Arms. Since there are no Super Hero Time on November 10, feast your eyes on the latest scans of this latest armor and other riders joining in namely from Team Invitto and Raid Wild.

Episode 5 is about Kota trying to overcome the events that befell him in the Helheim Forest against Zangetsu while Kaito challenges Mitsuzane to a fight, with the new Armored Rider Ryugen unable to fight Baron on his own. Also Kota rediscovers the Strawberry Lock Seed, transforming him into Strawberry Arms. His weapons in this mode is a pair of IchigoKunai, the finisher is called Ichigo Burst.

Another Gaim armor making its debut soon is Watermelon Arms. This arms change will allow Kota to gain a stronger and flight mobility. This transformation has 3 modes namely: Great Mode  Gyro Mode, and Great Big Bang.

 Additional "Armored Riders" seen on the scan above are Kamen Rider Gridon, Kurokage and Bravo. Leading Team Invitto is Gridon/Hideyasu Jonouchi. His uses the Acorn Lock Seed to transform. Head of Team Raid Wild is Kamen Rider Kurokage/Hase Ryoji, he uses the Pinecone Lock Seed to transform. Finally is Bravo is Pierre Alfonso, who uses the Durian Lock Seed to transform.


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