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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Halo 4 Master Chief

What Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai is famous for is taking a game designers’ hard work on a character and interpreting it with serious detail. An example is this Halo 4 Master Chief replica in 10-inch scale. He has everything you expect especially John’s Mjolnir Armor from the head’s sun visor to the powered exoskeleton on the hips and legs. Having a wider foot helps Master Chief to stay balanced especially on fighting poses.

Master Chief has enough accessories to work with. He has only a pair of trigger hand replacements, the MA5D Assault rifle and the Covenant Plasma Pistol. Square Enix used a softer plastic mold on both holding hands making it easier to fit both guns in. Like the old-fashioned Spartan, you can plug both weapons on his back or either of his hips. Since this is part of the new wave of Play Arts Kai, a stage is also inclusive which helps a lot for display purposes.

For Halo players who want to have the titular character in the series right beside their Xbox, this is a one of the best representations I’ve seen. In terms of height, it is not too big or too small as a display piece. I absolutely love every single corner of the figure to say the least. I wished there were fists instead of open hands as a default on Master Chief and I like him to have an UNSC weapon instead of a Covenant. It is just me. Great job, Square Enix, great job.



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