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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Halo Spartan Mark V Gold

The Gold Spartan in Play Arts Kai almost uses the same Mark V Mjonir armor as the red and blue version. His visor is in solid gold acrylic paint, nice broad shoulders and as a default; he is equipped with open hands. Though most of the parts are in gold and grey colors, there are subtle blue parts just not to make the whole figure bland.

This Gold Spartan is inclusive with a rocket launcher, a pistol and two holding hands. You can place both weapons on the figure. The rocket launcher uses a peg and latches at the back of the figure, while the pistol can be plugged on either side of the hips. The pistol is held firmly on either holding hand but on the rocket launcher, you need both since it will be too heavy for the wrist joints to add support.

A variant has always been an easy skip, sometimes one red or blue Spartan is enough. But if you are a completist, it wouldn’t hurt to have this included on your collection. Some of the joints are able to hold on their own but the hips and knees are somewhat weak, loosely bending the figure in different directions. It would probably my version, but it is something worth watching out for.



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