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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider Kiva Emperor Form

The S.I.C. Kamen Rider Kiva Emperor Form was released back in December of 2009 almost near the date when the series first aired. Since this an S.I.C., the figure has a lot of coarse texture to it and can be considered as extreme styling with the parts larger than life. Kiva Emperor has some parts that are in die-cast, a staple for most S.I.C. figures during that time. His Tatsulot is already molded on his left arm but as a default, this is incomplete.

With this, you need to attach both capes by lifting the metal accent on this back to plug these in. The set has 6 extra hands, 6 Fuestles and 3 more, some in line with the Zanvat Sword. There is also Kivat with his wings spread out and the Dragon Form of Tatsulot. Only Kivat has an extra gimmick that only allows him to open and close his mouth.

Each Fuestles are pegged on each side of Kiva’s Fueslots but check out the instructions on their actual placement. The head of the sword moves like the show that slides up and down. One of the bigger Fuestles can be attached on the face that hides his eyes and makes it more like an armored version. One of the die-cast Kivat has a little opening to insert through his Kiva belt as normal. You can also use the bigger Kivat on the figure by replacing one of the tabs with a peg. But this is more like on show as it bites on the Fuestles and has the same grip.

Well, the oversized collar really hides the beauty of this S.I.C. but has great amount of articulation to do the basic poses. The Zanvat Sword is one of the most intricate weapons in the S.I.C. line and I really like how it turned out. What makes this figure great is that it carries the real look and feel of an S.I.C., with die-cast parts to emphasize it even more. One of the most sought after figures is also pricey at this stage. It is hard to gauge how much this costs these days since this has become a rare gem nowadays.




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