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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Best and Worst S.H. Figuarts For 2013

2013 proved that Bandai is still top of the food chain in giving high quality figures such their popular S.H. Figuarts line. Bandai Tamashii Nations has been around for 5 years and in 2013, strengthens their position as the premier toy manufacturer.

With the exception of Dragon Ball Z, I managed to collect every single S.H. Figuarts that was released in 2013. I will also include non-anime or non tokusatsu-based characters in the line up. My best 2013 list is no particular order.

First that you cannot separate one from the other are the S.H. Figuarts Tyranno and Dragon Ranger or say Red and Green Ranger, from the MMPR franchise. Both figures are truly ahead from the earlier Sentai releases, making old figures look anorexic and unappealing. Tyranno and Dragon Ranger are on a different level. No amount of adjectives that can describe how good these figures are. I’m truly happy that they are included in the S.H. Figuarts line up.

I am absolutely glad that Kamen Rider Blade finally arrived in S.H. Figuarts form. Though the figure is a little off from the official photos released by Tamashii Nations but still the execution is tight. I like the new mold and joints that were fitted into this figure as these made Blade more playable than other releases.

Without a doubt, the Ryuki line-up is still one of the best collections and Kamen Rider Odin is a testament to that. The mold of the figure and paint applications are perfect so as the poseability, not only on Kamen Rider Odin but also with Gold Phoenix.

Not only Odin is included in the best list but also Kamen Rider Abyss. I've said this before airing my love and hate relationship with Bandai but with Kamen Rider Abyss, it affirms that Tamashii Nations still loves us and somehow, hears our plea. Such an awesome figure. As for Alternative Zero, I was anticipating this release since I enjoyed and liked the S.I.C. version, hoping to would have the same impact. And it did. The details are well executed especially those decals on both seams of his frame. I almost have no nitpicks or anything to bash on except the absence of Psycorogue.

Another notable figure for me is the S.H. Figuarts Cyborg 009 Joe Shimamura. The sculpt is very impressive and puts Art in S.H. Figuarts. However it compromised the “character expression” in the key points we all know in this line. If there is an ab joint and less hindered leg articulation, this could have been more engaging.

One of the most notable S.H. Figuarts in 2013 is when the company finally got their hands on the Marvel franchise with Iron Man and War Machine. There is a huge saturation of Iron Man figures that has been released by a lot of toy manufacturers ever since the first Iron Man movie. But Bandai didn’t think twice in jumping the bandwagon with this offering. Bandai did a splendid job in taking the time to craft their own version before pushing this into the market. Because of this the execution was almost perfect, without compromising both aesthetics and functionality.

Finally on my list and my personal favorite are the S.H. Figuarts Space Sheriffs namely Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider. I highly recommend completing the metal hero trio to bask on the chromed parts that highlight the overall impressive sculpt, though effects for the weapons will help the figures to become more sellable options.

I only have two worst S.H. Figuarts for 2013. These are the entire Kamen Rider Wizard collection and Space Suit Otso. Not all Kamen Rider Wizard figures are that bad as there are some exceptions such as Infinity, Flame Dragon and Kamen Rider Beast. The execution of the rest is just plain awful with disproportionate head sculpt and frame. Even the accessory count cannot salvage how bad the figures are and what made it worse are the loose joints and poofy robe parts.

Next is the Space Suit Otso, I absolutely don’t know how to make of it since this is not even considered as character on the show. You can only imagine who this is under the suit. It is an atrocious part for Bandai to even consider creating this Figuart. The Effects doesn’t even add value to the whole experience. Extra hands do not even make sense why it was even included in the first place.


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