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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Toy Review: Egg Attack Iron Man 2 War Machine

Kidslogic continues on harping on the static and deformed EGG Attack series with War Machine. Following the details of the Iron Man 2 movie suit, this non-poseable figure already has his arms raised and ready to shoot while enveloped with a coarse matte paint application. Details also include his Gatling gun turret on his back and warning labels and numbers found in different parts of his body. Behind the mask is a panel to activate the LED to light his eyes and also the arc reactor.

The set has no extra parts but this has a stage with the movie logo and the name printed at the bottom. What is unique about this is that it also lights up. About 3 battery cells are needed and they all go inside the casing underneath the platform. Switch this on the lights and let it flow together with the figure.

The EGG Attack War Machine is a great addition to your growing Iron Man collection. The figure magnetizes on the platform, and even though the polars are not that strong, helps on the overall stability. Sure it is not a poseable figure but this is a nice discussion piece for like-minded Iron Man collectors. This is a very detailed figure and I am excited what comes out next for the line.




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