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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Toy Review: Egg Attack Iron Man Mark VI (Iron Man 2)

Another entry for Kidslogic’s Egg Attack line-up is the Iron Man Mark VI following the design from the movie Iron Man 2. The non-poseable figure has its foot tip-toeing while his right arm is raised ready to deploy whatever he has on his armor. The biggest takeaway is the red acrylic paint applied, making this a cool collectible.

 Just like other EGG Attack Iron Man suits released previously, the set has no extra parts but this has a stage with the movie logo and the name printed at the bottom. This platform lights up after placing 3 battery cells and the switch is turned on. Under the faceplate also has a switch lighting the LEDs on the eyes and on the Arc Reactor.

The problem with EGG Attack Iron Man MK VI is keeping itself balanced on either a smooth surface and on the stylized platform. It is so unbalanced that a simple shake on the platform or desk will definitely increase the susceptibility of the figure breaking the arm or any of its limbs. Too bad since I find the figure a great display piece but with the balance issue makes it harder to swallow.



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