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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Akuma (White Limited Color Ver.)

The Supreme Master of the Fist, alternative white Gi and overly sized muscle is one of the characteristics of this Play Arts Kai Akuma as seen in the game Street Fighter IV arcade edition. What makes him more fierce aside from the torn Gi, is the rope wrapped around his hand and a make shift belt. Not to forget is the heaven symbol at the back of the figure in red and slight violet highlights.

The set contains an effect for his fist, two interchangeable hands and a snarling extra face. Hands are replaced through a thick peg while the head is just a quick snap on, snap off release. The effect though has to be fitted through the arm in order to set itself in.

I actually have no complaints on the articulation since the joints somewhat follow Ken and Ryu. Just be careful on the ponytail, as there is no support in case you accidentally bend the figure. Akuma is well balanced and can even stand in one leg similar to the Ashura Senku teleport move. What is really lacking is the Play Arts Kai stage that is now common on most figure releases from Square Enix. Check out more from the video review below.


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