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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts HurricaneBlue & HurricaneYellow

The final two-pack set released for the Hurricaneger line up is the S.H. Figuarts HurricaneBlue and HurricaneYellow. Kouta and Nanami’s features are similar to Red like the meshed arms, animal symbol on the helmet and chest and Hurricane Gyro transformation devices on the left wrist. Of course, Blue follows other past female S.H. Figuarts with a smaller frame and a skirt with a slit on both sides.

Both include their own Hayatemaru, and another version on a sheath. The sheath plugs at the back of the figure and the handle can be detached when you are using the sword on the holding hands. There is a difference in extra hand replacements, Kouta has about 12 and Nanami has less one of the former. But each has its own special weapon; Yellow has the Quake Hammer with his logo in the middle of the handle while Blue has her Sonic Megaphone.

I’m not too sure about this, but it seems that Blue’s color is quite darker than of the character’s suit in the show. Another thing to note that there are no parts to combine the weapons of the 3 characters called the Triple Gadget. This is a surprise since Gouraigers have their own combined armament. Sure you can click them all together but without the handle bending on the hammer, there is no point on even attempting it. Despite the lack of thereof, this is still a great set, with all of the parts you need and articulation that you are familiar with S.H. Figuarts. More to this from the video review below.


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