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Monday, February 17, 2014

Toy Review: S.I.C. Shin Kamen Rider 1

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Super Imaginative Chogokin line, Bandai finally released a version of New Kamen Rider 1! Following the 3rd suit as Shin Kamen Rider 1, details include a lighter green metallic paint application on the chest and head, soft pair of antennas, his rider belt Cyclone with a concave red plastic and silver gloves and boots.

The S.I.C. New Kamen Rider-1 comes packaged with Rider Punch/Rider Kick effect parts, 6 hands, a deformed muffler, extra open mouth head replacement and a unique IkaDevil Stand. The muffler is not extraordinary when placed at the back of the figure but follows really closely to the S.I.C. motif. Its effects split into two and clipped together on the forearms and shin. Thought at first to be part of the S.I.C. Hero Saga, Tamashii Nations included the IkaDevil Stand. There are no pegs to hold the mold on the platform but it plants solidly, even gives enough space to include Kamen Rider 1.

I’ve accepted the fact that the latest S.I.C.s no longer have die cast parts, this is true with Shin Kamen Rider 1. Even with that, the joints on the figure feels really solid than past releases, and moreover, the figure is highly flexible, almost unheard of in S.I.C. Sure I’ve said this before that Kamen Rider Kuuga Decade Edition and Kamen Rider W has the best articulation, but this version of Kamen Rider 1 tops them all. The parts that I really didn’t like are the soft antennas that you always need to adjust to pair up perfectly. More to this from the video review below.


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