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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Toy Review: Super Alloy1/6 Scale New 52 Superman

Play Imaginative brings to you their representation of the biggest DC character with Super Alloy 1/6 Scale New 52 Superman. The figure uses about 90% of die-cast metal alloy trying to achieve accuracy of proportions and features such as the royal blue uniform and the chiseled face sculpt.

The set is inclusive of an additional head replacement with heat vision eyes, a remote stick with Superman’s insignia to activate LEDs inside, 4 pairs of extra hands and two capes with one that has inner wires. Finally a foldable backdrop of Metropolis, Crystal Fortress base with light and fan system that needs to be assembled to appreciate it fully and a separate stage should you not like to use the Fortress of Solitude set. Batteries are included and a tool to help remove the panels.

The cape accessories are snapped on the figure just above the huge “S” on Superman’s chest. While you remove the head, you can see the bulb inside and switch on the receiver at the back of the figure in order to use the remote stick. Hands are held by a small joint and make sure to push the hand replacement all the way through to secure in place. What is cool is the Crystal stage and at the bottom is a switch that when you turn has 4 functions. First is off, then on a turn operates the lights only, the other is to open the fan seen on the base strong enough to let the cape flow nicely, and lastly both the lights and fans function together.

There is a limited edition wherein you have an extra angry face and 3 Kryptonian Crystals in blue, red and green. Just make sure that you purchase this figure from a legitimate and credible store. There are some reports that the figure and remote has some issues pairing up together. This way the store can help you make the replacement to a new and working set. Thing is, for 400 USD price tag everything has to work to get your money’s worth especially for working Heat Vision effects. I like the overall look and feel of the figure but I hope the joints are done differently to accommodate the weight of the die-cast parts. More to this from the video review below.


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