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Friday, March 14, 2014

Bike Rider DX 2:Galaxy To Add Kamen Rider Gaim DLC

Known in Japan as Chariso DX, Toei's youtube channel started streaming the promo for the latest DLC of Bike Rider DX 2: Galaxy with Kamen Rider Gaim. Bike Rider DX2 is a Nintendo 3DS eShop JP puzzle-platformer where your control options were limited. Chariso DX was first launched in 2012 and became the most played Nintendo eShop title in Japan. Its sequel, Bike Rider DX2 was finally made available in Japan last December 2013 and will be released in North America this May.

The DLC will allow the rider to collect Lock Seeds enabling the player to transform into Gaim's signature Arms.While the Kamen Rider Gaim DLC will launch in eShop JP this March 26, it is not yet known if this will be available for US or European release. Price of the game is 600 yen and developed by Spicysoft.


Anonymous said...

anyone get this yet? i paid for it but can't seem to access it in the game. i just get the moon stage to play

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