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Sunday, March 2, 2014

DX Bravo & Gridon Lock Seed Promo Feat. Metal Yoshida

Who can promote the upcoming release of the  two-pack DX Durian and Acorn Lock Seed set better than Oren Pierre Alfonso aka Kamen Rider Bravo! Here is a video streamed through Bandai's Youtube channel inviting you all to don't forget to get this latest DX Lock Seed set. The set will be released this July 2014 for 4,320 yen.  Kamen Rider Bravo is played by Japanese bassist of Rock Band Ninjaman Metal Yoshida.

The set will be inclusive of Kamen Rider Bravo and Gridon's faceplate. The video also promotes the AC PB02 Kamen Rider Bravo Durian Arms.The figure was released last February 24 as an exclusive for 4,000 yen.


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