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Monday, March 31, 2014

Japan's National Police Agency Collaborates With Patlabor Producers For Recruitment

Japan's National Police Agency recently collaborated with the producers of the live-action THE NEXT GENERATION: Patlabor, to recruit new members of the police force. They used Patlabor's AV-98 "Ingram" as the key visual, but the arm shield name will be replaced with the name of regional police departments to fit accordingly to the need.

It was reported previously that The Next Generation Patlabor will have a full length feature film that is set to premier in 2015.  Mamoru Oshii is part of HEADGEAR who used to serve as the writer-director and one of the original creators of the Mobile Police Patlabor anime series.Graphics and audio studio, Omnibus Japan that is  tied with TOHOKUSHINSHA, is co-producing the new project. Omnibus Japan's known works include doing graphics for Ghost in the Shell and the Evangelion movies.


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