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Monday, March 31, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim: Switching Aliances

Additional information from recent magazine scans revealed new information on the developments that will transpire in upcoming Kamen Rider Gaim episodes. We will be looking back on the first stages of the creation of the Sengoku Driver and the experiments taken in order to successfully deploy the transformation device. 

At present, Takatora's Genesis Driver users are plotting against him and this somewhat being led by Ryouma. While traitors loom behind the shadow, the head of Yggdrasill finally makes a pack with Kouta signifying the alliances to save the city and fight the Inves Overlords together.

It cannot be said the same with Micchy as he slowly drowns into the dark side, hating Kouta even more as the later hinders Yggdrasill's objectives. Another alliance is born with Kaito and Yoko teaming up also to fight the Overlords and finally, Oren continues to have Jonouchi under his tutelage with rigorous training and a new kind of friendship is on the horizon. 

Source: HJU


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