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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sentai Parody Kanpai Senshi After V Promo Streamed!

Here is the promo video for the new live-action super sentai parody show that will be air this April 7 entitled: Kanpai Senshi After V. The show stars some of familiar past tokusatsu actors such as Ryota Murai (Kuuga in Kamen Rider Decade), as the red warrior, Kazuki Kato (Kamen Rider Drake in Kamen Rider Kabuto) as the blue warrior. The opening and ending theme song are performed by Nagareta Project titled "After V" and Men's Lullaby (Otoko-tachi no rarabai, 男たちのララバイ) respectively.

Rounding up the cast are  You Kikkawa as the pink warrior, Akihiro Kimura as the aging yellow warrior, and Tsubasa Tobinaga as the green warrior. The picks up "after hours" following the life of Golden Warriors Treasure Five members who fights evil (just like Akibarangers) in Akihabara. Kanpai Senshi After V is directed by Toru Hosokawa.


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