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Monday, April 28, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Summer Movie: Shin Kurokage Debuts

After the initial report spoiling the return of Yuya and Hase in this year's Kamen Rider Gaim summer film, Televi-kun magazine has revealed the details of their return. It is also announced that another rider will be born -  Shin Kurokage.

Peco, a member of team Baron will be able to take hold of the Genesis Driver and the Matsubokkuri Energy Lockseed to transform in Shin Kurokage. How he will be attaining this power is still unknown but he will be facing his teammates.

Thought to be killed previously, Yuya and Hase appears before Kouta. Hase will transform once again as Kurokage and will be battling Oren aka Kamen Rider Bravo. How they will return is still unknown as of writing. A character named Lapis will be introduced in this film.


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