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Monday, April 7, 2014

Ressha Sentai ToQGer New Trains!

The latest magazine scans and toy catalogues have revealed new trains that will arrive in upcoming Ressha Sentai ToQGer episodes. On episode entitled: Big Explosion on the Rainbow Line, The signal from the lost Diesel Ressha is found, but because it is so weak there might be a chance it cannot work again.

Right is sent out to find it, as his strong Imagination can restore it, but when the Ressha's brakes are discovered to be broken, everyone fears that the Shadow Line has planted a bomb on them.

The Diesel Ressha can be combined with the Car Carrier and the Tank Ressha to become Diesel Oh! As of the moment, ToQ #1 will be driving the new Ressha.

Additional Ressha's will make their way on upcoming episodes and on the scan above,  here is a preview of the  Police Ressha and the Fire Ressha plus Super ToQ Oh.

We still don't have information of the 6th ToQGer but here is a glimpse of this own train, Build Ressha. This will have the capability to convert into Build Dai Oh.


Here is Safari Ga Oh that is reported to be a movie exclusive. From the looks of it, this will have a tiger-like attributes with claws.

A new weapon will be introduced called Dai Kaiten Cannon. The tracks will rotate to shoot several Resshas. Finally, sentai-themed resshas will be out in toy stores soon such as the Gokaiger, Goseiger, Shinkenger and Go-Onger Resshas.


Source: Heroshock


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