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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kyoryu Gold

The third 6th ranger to release as an S.H. Figuarts Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive is the Thundering Brave, Kyoryu Gold. Bandai has almost followed most of the details from the tokusatsu character from the mix of gold, blue and bronze colors, the scale from head to toe and those hint of wings at the back, his transformation device the Gabrichanger and even his Mobuckle. The gold application is spot on and the flakes do give the figure the brightness it deserves.

Accessories include the Fangshot in preparation for the Kentrospiker, 5 extra hands, a Zyudenchi and his sword, the Zandar Thunder. The sword works and looks like the real thing with the Zander Thunder written on the edge and opens by pulling the back of the blade. But this is where the likeness end as you cannot place any of the batteries in. Using the extra hands for his left arm takes an additional step by removing the transformation device and the default fist in order to give way for other replacements.

Through Kyoryu Gold looks great in more ways than one, there are limitations in terms of poseability. Because of how the bottom part of his torso is cut, moving body can only extend at a certain point. His head hits the collar that confines the articulation. Finally it is difficult to use the replacement hands for the left arm as the Gabrichanger is in the way, especially when attempting to hold the sword on this side. Limitations on this figure do not really bother me at all as the total presentation is clean, though I wish there were wing accessories for our golden ranger and additional batteries with a more functional Zander Thunder. More from the video review below.


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