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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Toy Review: Tamashii Effect Impact Stage

The Tamashii Effect Impact from Bandai is a whole new breed of display stages ought to enhance the collector’s experience with more realistic battle scenes for your Tamashii Figures. Out of the box, the stage is a huge crater that can be separated into 7 parts. Depending on your taste, you can create an explosive impact, or massive power-build up environment. This comes in two colors Beige and Gray.

With your imagination, you can also use the Effect Impact in different ways with stage arms such as backdrops or even a support display for other toys such as head busts or any toy line in this scale, even those not made from Bandai. The downside is that you need to buy a separate Tamashii STAGE support stands for the arms in order to maximize its potential. I do recommend getting this add-on to bring more life into your action figures.


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