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Thursday, May 22, 2014

S.I.C. Cyborg Soldier Level 3 Coming This October 2014

New developments have been announced for Bandai's S.I.C. line. Recently, the company has uploaded the official photos of the S.I.C. Cyborg Soldier Level 3 as seen in the Kamen Rider Shin movie, Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue.The figure represents Giichi Onizuka/Onizuka Rider, a mutant type who is killed by CIA agents, while sending a telepathic plea for help to Shin as he dies, burning.

This Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive is about 180mm in height and included with replacement head, extra arms and wrist replacements. The S.I.C. Cyborg Soldier Level 3 is due to be released this October for 5,940 yen.


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