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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Liquid Snake

Square Enix’s version of Solid Snake’s twin brother, the Play Arts Kai Liquid Snake tries to capture some sort of likeness with some freedom as per the character in the Metal Gear franchise. Key details are found on this figure copying from Liquid Snake's FOXHOUND file info in game such as the dog tags, his huge trench coat, a big pouch held by a tactical belt and a holster on the right leg.

Weapons included are the USP handgun and the Stinger missile launcher. There are also 2 extra hand replacements and the Play Arts Kai support stand. If you need to keep all weapons, the handgun slides in the holster and locked for further safety.

Believe me, you might hate the face sculpt but in reality it is not all that bad. Let’s just say it will grow on you (in fact if you look closer, he looks very fierce). If there is one part of the figure that I’d really critique, it is the ball joint too exposed on his right arm. The pegs sticks out like a sore thumb the doesn't balance well as it seems like this part looks anorexic despite that very chiseled abs. Overall, not a bad figure but not fantastic either.





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