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Monday, May 5, 2014

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Robocop 3.0

Ending my 3-part review series for Play Arts Kai’s Robocop figure line is Robocop 3.0. This 3rd version is absolutely a different figure than 1.0. Starting with the obvious black motif with white wash to highlight his key features even more. He has a red visor, the Omnicorp logo on his chest and a smoother and rounded armor than the prototype.

As for inclusive parts, 3.0 is similar to 1.0 like the Play Arts Kai stand, 2 types of the custom TSR 66 pistol and 2 kinds of custom SMG, 2 trigger hands and leg panels with holster parts. The guns though have a darker color tone and of course the panels fitted differently on his thighs as they are of a different mold. I still suggest placing the guns first on the holsters before putting the rest of the new door parts in. This one in the bag I was told are taser darts, still these were not mentioned in the box.

If you think that 3.0 is a remold or repaint from 1.0, look again. Robocop 3.0 has his own merits like the joints are more flexible than the first 2 versions. This one has even a better head articulation and if only his bike was released for Play Arts Kai, he would pose perfectly with it. Although the details look great he still has the same issue as the first 2, which are proportions related to the suit featured in the film do not match. At this point I have already accepted this fact and with that aside, he is a likeable figure. More to this from the video review below.


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