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Monday, May 12, 2014

Toy Review: WorldBox 1/6 Scale Mortal Kombat Sub Zero

The first Mortal Kombat figure released by WorldBox is no other than Lin Kuei’s Cryomancer, Sub Zero. I’ll do a reverse review order that is different from what I used to do. What this figure is inclusive with are the 2 Bicep protectors, 2 forearm protectors, 3 hand replacement, skull with a spine, broken neck, Ice Sword and finally the Blood spray effect.

The skull has its own neck articulation and an open-close mouth gimmick. Its sword is segmented into three parts that connect together to form an icy weapon with a bloody blade. The tip and the handle also connects to the Blood Spray effect and wraps around to any 1/6 scale figure, not only for WorldBox offerings. To use the arm protectors, you need to remove the default wrists first and slide the rest of the parts to complete the look.

In its complete form, WorldBox uses NetherRealm’s character design and matching durable 2.0 body. This 1/6th scale figure also comes with a synthetic leather gear and adjustable costume that allows great leg-room for Sub Zero’s signature poses.

WorldBox did it right in creating this Sub Zero figure. This has a very well balanced paint application and equal proportions from head to toe. I’m glad that the company used the latest design as it allows more articulation, even letting the legs spread apart easily without compromising stability. This is truly a breathtaking offering from WorldBox and I can’t wait to see more Mortal Kombat figures in the future. I just wished there were more ice effects included in the set to make this set a no-brainer for your wallet.



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