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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Sailor Venus

The 5th character in the franchise, this Sailor Venus enters the S.H. Figuarts as the 4th figure released for the line. Codenamed Sailor V, the figure’s prominent color is Orange with pearl white essence on her suit. The longhaired figure not only has a bow on the chest and back but also on her hair.

Sailor Venus includes some minor accessories such as 9 hands with one holding a mask, 3 face replacements, a hair piece with the mask attached, and her own Tamashii Stage. Of course, the figure includes the white cat named Artemis. This cat only has a tail and head articulation, similar to Luna. It is now easier to do face swapping as the mold is not as hardened like Sailormoon. 

To be truthful, if you think she is more balanced since she is using flatter shoes, well it is still hard to pose the figure because of the small feet. During the course of the review the legs are also loosely jointed making it more difficult to make fighting stances. I wished for more accessories than of the obvious stuff like effects for the Crescent Beam to engage collectors even more.






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