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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Super Mario, Diorama Play Set A&B

Tamashii Nations had built several new genres from anime, comics, games, tokusatsu and even real-life celebrities for the S.H. Figuarts line. Adding to the growing collection is Super Mario accompanied by Diorama Play Set A&B.

The first set comprises of our main character. Bandai did a splendid job in capturing Mario’s essence like being lifted exactly from the game, starting with color motif, stubby hands and feet and all you know about the plumber. This set includes a gold coin, a clear stand, a yellow Mystery Box and the Super Mushroom. Its clear stage allows the coin to keep it steady and from toppling off.

Adding on the experience is the Diorama Play Set A. This comes with 2 blocks a mystery box, a coin, a blue panel for Mario, a Goomba and stage accessories. The extra panel replaces the default part from Mario to plug one of the stands in. The green stage and long stand lifts the blocks with the help of the clear platform. Together creates one of the levels you always recognize in the game, but one more set is needed.

Finally the Diorama Play Set B is the missing link, the set is inclusive with the Koopa shell, a coin, clear parts and the pipe. The pipe has 2 kinds of lids; the other has a deeper gap so that you can put half of Mario inside. Other clear parts are for Mario’s extra hands to securely fasten the shell thus allowing this to be carried by the figure.

Bandai finally gets the most popular character in gaming history the articulation and care it deserves in figure form. There are however some limitations on Mario’s joints especially on the head that contains the figure’s flexibility. I’m satisfied on the initial offering and I can’t wait to see more. To fans of the game and the character, here is a Mario figure that you will definitely not stop playing with.


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