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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider X & Apollo Geist

Bandai shared to the fans reimagined heroes and villains in the form of their alternative line, S.I.C. An example is the two-pack Kamen Rider X and Apollo Geist. There is a different flavor for both figures, distorted from the original designs that work pretty well in figure forms. Kamen Rider X’s belt has a handle that detaches just like on the show.

The figures have their own special weapons and surprisingly, some uniquely released mainly for S.I.C. Apollo Geist includes the Geist Cutter, Apollo Magnum bayonet, Apollo Shot, a shoulder guard, 4 extra hands and an extra head to become Revived Apollo Geist. Kamen Rider X on the other hand has 5 extra wrist replacements, a Ridol Stick and Long Pole, a metal rope, a gun, a Ridol Rope and Whip that looks like a sword. Die-cast parts include both guns and the chain on X’s whip.

Additional gimmick of Apollo Geist includes his removable headpiece that shows a deformed face and you can attach X’s faceplate on to Apollo Geist. Also the blade of the bayonet can also be removed from the base. To fully become the Revived Apollo Geist the guard replaces the tassel on the left arm and the head with the silver Perfecter.

What is great about the set is that they are a more modernized than the original design most notably on Apollo Geist. And the beauty of old S.I.C.s are the metal accents and accessories that are now less seen in today’s S.I.C. releases. But the lack of articulation makes the set a collectible figure but not a playable one. I have no other complaints on Kamen Rider X however it would be nice for Apollo Geist to have a more flexible cape that allows the legs to bend easily without further distraction.


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