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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ultraman Ginga S In Action

Here are more magazine scans of the upgrade form of Ultraman Ginga - Ultraman Ginga S. The main hero will be equipped with the Strium Brace on his left arm that was given to him by the 6 Ultra Brothers. The brace has an embedded disc in order for Ultraman Ginga to use any of the 6 Ultraman Brothers.

Some of the said powers are inherited from the following Ultramen: Ultraman Ace's Metalium Beam, Zoffy's Z-Beam and M87-Beam, Ultraman Hayata's Spacium Beam, Ultraman Taro's Strium Beam, Ultraman Jack's Ultrashot and Ultraseven's Emerium Beam. And lastly, Ginga will have a new weapon called the Ginga Lance, a weapon that's also similar to Ultraman Jack's Ultra Lance. 

A new "special investigation team"  called UPG/Ultra Party Guardians (Tokusō Chīmu `UPG') will emerge because of the new crisis and the arrival of Ultraman Victory. Members of the team includes Hikaru Raidou (aka Ginga) and will be joined by Tomoya Ichijouji.

Directed by Koichi Sakamoto,  Shin Ultraman Retsuden series, Ultraman Ginga S will run for 16 episodes and broken into 2 parts of 8 episodes.  The first season will start on July 15th and the 2nd season will air from November 4th to December 23rd.

Source: Heroshock via Jefusion


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