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Friday, July 11, 2014

Chogokin Ressha Gattai DX ToQ Oh Official Images Released

As a follow-up from the recently held International Tokyo Toy Show, Premium Bandai's website has just released the official images of the Chogokin Ressha Gattai DX ToQ Oh. This is part of the Super Sentai Artisan series. The difference from the plain DX ToQ Oh is that this version has die-cast parts included.

It has all 5 Resshas plus the Fumikiriken weapon. Slated to release this November 2014, the price of the set is 12,690 yen. The company has also announced that the company will be revealing the DX Kuroliner and Dark Kuroliner soon. And if you pre-order these with the Chogokin ToQ OH, fans will be presented with bonus parts.  


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