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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hyper ToQ #1 Advancing This September

Latest magazine scans have revealed that plans for revealing Hyper ToQ #1 in upcoming episodes of Ressha Sentai ToQGer will start this September 2014.Used mainly by ToQ #1, the Hyper Ressha enables ToQ 1gou to become Hyper ToQ 1gou and is used as ammo for the Daikaiten Cannon. It also summons the Support Ressha, Hyper Ressha.

In recent reports, Hyper Ressha Tei Oh has also appeared in toy catalog scans.  Hyper Ressha Tei Oh will act like a carrier to most of the Ressha and will have 2 modes: robot and Hyper Ressha Terminal. 

Once the ressha are combined with Tei Oh, it transforms to the massive ToqRainbow. The DX Hyper Ressha Tei Oh will be released this October 2014 for 12,800 yen.


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