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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Initial Kamen Rider Drive Toy Catalog Scans Revealed

The latest toy catalog scans have revealed the upcoming offerings in line with Kamen Rider Drive!  First off, above is a scan of the DX Drive Driver, Drive's transformation belt. Aside from this, Kamen Rider  Drive will have  another device known as the Shift Bracelet.

Both will be operated by using small cars called Shift Cars using infrared to scan. The black Shift Car is called Midnight Shadow, which is paired with an item called the Midnight Shadow Tire. If Wizard's forms were called Styles, Drive's will be Types.

Finally, it has been confirmed that the previously leaked images are really for the 16th Heisei Rider, here is Kamen Rider Drive’s vehicle called Trideron! Kamen Rider Drive’s figure toyline will be called TK, starting with TK01 Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed and priced 3,200 yen.


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