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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Korea Dubs Kyoryuger As Dino Force, Toy Catalogues, CMs Released

It has been reported recently that South Korea will be dubbing Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger as Power Rangers Dino Force. There will be some changes on the names such as Daigo/King - Kang Dae-sung, Nosan - No-Gun Hyung/No-Hyung (which translates to Brother in Korean), Souji - So-Ji-hu, Ami Yuzuki - Ami Yu, Zyudenchu - Dinocells,Zyudenryu - Power Dinos, Kyoryujin - TyrannoKing, Ian and Ucchi has no name changes.

Thus the alternative form names of the Kyoryujin/TyrannoKing will be slightly changed as well. For example is TyrannoKing Macho, TyrannoKing Western etc. With this, here is the stream of the opening video.

Below are the toy catalog scans and also the promo videos for the DX Dino Force toys.


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