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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Tiger Ranger

The final Zyuranger character to grace the S.H. Figuarts line is the no other than the Daim Tribe Knight Boi or known as TigerRanger. While the frame follows closely to the past rangers, details change to his yellow motif and his helmet with fangs lining up his visor. Of course, the Ranger Stick holsters just beside his waist.

Aside from the Ranger Stick, what this set comes with are 6 hands replacements, a pair of Saber Daggers, a Ranger Slinger and an additional MothBreaker. This Mothbreaker is quite different from what MammothRanger has because this will be used to combine other weapons for the Howling Cannon. Now to do this, take the Dragon Attack Sword and the Tricelance from MammothRanger, then the Ptera Arrow and the Saber Daggers from the Blue Ranger. Just take note the grooves for each to ensure everything fits in. The Howling Cannon is light enough to even let one of the rangers alone carry this.

Again, there are additional personal weapons that are missing from the set. Not only that, I feel that there are also wrist replacements for his roll call pose that not included. If I were to get this as a lone figure, a fan would also nitpick that it lacks the essential accessories. It seems like the reason of getting this is to complete the entire set and in order to combine the cannon. But then, the articulation of the figure is great and the sculpt is still unmatched as of this review.





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