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Friday, August 22, 2014

Super Sentai Artisan DX Darkliner Robo Official Images Released

A follow-up from our report recently, Bandai Tamashii Nations uploaded the official images of the  Super Sentai Artisan  DX Darkliner Robo.  The figure represents Shadow Line executive's train that transforms from train to robot mode to pit against ToQGer's mecha. Since this will be also be a Chogokin toy, expect die-cast parts that will add on the weight of the figure. 

The figure can transform also into robot mode with a replacement head for General Schwarz's DarkLiner. Also included in the set are cloak parts, 2 end pieces of the Darkliner and 1 Darkliner Sword. The arms can also retrofit other Ressha such as Zaram's Darkliner. Height of the figure in robot mode is about 290mm and train mode's length is about 600mm. This will be released on December 2014 for 12,960 yen.


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