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Monday, September 1, 2014

Mitsuru Matsuoka Commentary Video On EARNEST DRIVE

After the announcement on TV Asahi's website and on the recent Kamen Rider Drive press conference, here is a commentary video of Mitsuru Matsuoka uploaded by Avex Network's Youtube channel about his new band, EARNEST DRIVE. The band will be playing the theme song of the 16th Heisei rider premiering this October.

Mitsuru Matsuoka talks about his thoughts on Kamen Rider Drive and also keeping mum about this project. Mitsuru Matsuoka was also known as Kamen Rider Eternal and the lead singer for his former band SOPHIA. You can also visit the website for upcoming updates.

Riku Sanjo, known for  writing Kamen Rider W will be the lead writer, series producer is Takahito Ōmori and director is Ryuta Tazaki.  Kamen Rider Drive will start on October 5th. 


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