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Friday, January 7, 2022

Toy Review: Genesis Emen Iori Yagami KOF XIV (DLC Costume Ver.)


Genesis Emen released its latest King Of Fighters 14 character figure with Iori Yagami. The figure dons his signature classic costume similar to the KOF 14 DLC. Iori sports its 3-button suit with a crescent moon at the back, tassels tied in between knees and buckles seen on the neck and trousers. These with a match pair of brown shoes to complete. The fabric is a mix of cotton and synthetic fibers which amazingly presents a silky texture. 

Inclusive in the package are 10 sets of hands or five for each side of the figure. Replacing these of the default open hands is nothing but easy as the short pegs allow the hands to come in a snug fit. Additionally, there is an extra crazy-looking Iori headsculpt that is equally detailed and oddly satisfying to switch as there will be a popping sound every time while revealing the balljoint underneath. Iori also comes with 4 purple flame effects two of each are almost identical to switch between the sides of the figure. Though there are no pegs on replacement hands so the effects either slide in between the fingers or perfectly rests on top of the open hands. Rest assured these are secured since there are cervices in the flame molds allowing the soft PVC fingers to grasp these effects tightly. Finally, Genesis also included a textured stage with the KOF 14 logo and clip-on arm to grab the figure by the waist to be displayed squarely on your cabinet. The arm doesn’t have a spring action but again the arms are very tightly fastened ensuring the figure won’t topple off that easily. 


Genesis did a fantastic work in replicating the classic Iori look. The best parts of the figure are definitely the head sculpts and didn’t skip any details from the game. Every expectation from head to foot was well met because of the care and details that went through the final product. However, like any other figure creators, there are some items left to desire. First is the packaging that could have included a sleeve to add some sort of security to prevent the cover from detaching easily and figure parts falling off. Second, what is really missing is his signature fire ball effects but those can be brushed off as how detailed the ones in the package are in already. Finally, the buttons do come off but these happen because of me over extending the articulation of the figure. Overall, this is an excellent representation of the game character coming out from Genesis. However, like other 1/6 scale figures, it is not really meant to have extended articulation and really meant to be a talking display piece definitely for KOF fans out there. 


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