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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Toy Review: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Joker

When I got my SHF Cyclone Cyclone Joker Joker, I thought that I would never get this one. But there is something with about a black kamen rider that intrigues me the most, hailing from watching my first black rider - Kamen Rider Black and RX. If you also happen to have skull in your possession, its a great combination to team them up on your display space.

To become Kamen Rider Joker in Memories of Fate, Skull suddenly appears in the office and hands Hidari Shotaro the lost driver, probably what Skull was using. During a battle with the lovely yet dead cold Heat, he accidentally found a T2 Joker Memory. Better watch the movie to know what I am saying.

Joker's physique is very similar with W's JokerJoker but with a little twist. Joker has a Lost Driver instead of the twin-slot W Driver. His awesomeness was simple using only Rider Punch and Kick as his final attack. In 2010's Tamashii Festival we were presented with this figure as an exclusive. Luckily because of the demand, it was re released in 2011 - that is were I finally picked him up. 

Joker does have the same number of interchangeable hands as Cyclone Joker, less the scarf (because Cyclone is wearing it). Matte finish is his theme instead of the usual metallic look. He is also lacking the silver line between his torso since he is a single rider. I like what Bandai did or at least Toei made to treat Joker. On this color the other paint apps such as the purple ankle, wrist braces and the antennae stand out. I'm happy as how delicate Bandai has interpreted the character. 

Box art is like looking at the stained glass in a Catholic church. White as a primary color with a cross and on top is Joker's silhouette, it continues around the back with the same theme. The price is definitely reasonable, considering he comes packed with a Tamashii Stage that features the Joker “J” with “Kamen Rider Joker” written underneath it. 

To top of the surprises, he perfectly came with a Tamashii Stage. This is very themed to the figure - translucent black with a hint of purple and engraved is Joker's symbol with Kamen Rider Joker's name underneath. Overall his design is simple enough to tickle your wallets in getting him. I don't regret getting him despite I have JokerJoker with me. He is a better choice to count evil doers sins.





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