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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saban Brands Signs Power Rider

In more surprising news, Saban Brands recently registered in the US POWER RIDER. There are speculations that this will be an adaptation of Kamen Rider Decade to be in line with Power Rangers Samurai.

For those who watched these two tokusatsu shows simultaneously, you'll remember that there was an episode where Kamen Rider Decade crossed over Shinkenger's realm. We already have this footage so it will be easier for Saban to adapt this. The question is, Decade has 10 Hsieh Main Rider powers, how will Saban execute this when Black RX and Dragon Knight were only shows premiered in the US?

Steve Wang, the director of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight has interest in adapting Kamen Rider 555 or Kabuto.

Source: HJU


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