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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Toy Review: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Den-O Climax Form

Things just gets better and better as we end 2011 let alone the season to be jolly at climax. Welcome to my written review of the SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Den-O Climax form. I've been pondering for quite awhile how long did it take to have another Den-O SHF on the shelves. So far in the SHF line we had 4 exclusives, a re-issue (sort of), all Taros in place including Seig Imagin and of course Hana (just in case you've forgotten).

This year 2011, we are given one more taste of Den-O's awesomeness with Climax Form. We are almost there before Den-O Sword Form. We had a glimpse at the Tamashii Nations 2011 event. The box art of Den-O Climax Form also takes on a different form from past Den-O related figures. Instead of a mono color scheme, Climax showcases a bright take.

In front of the box, its window presents Den-O's familiar "T" insignia which represents his Den-O henshin device. Four rings surround its symbol representing 4 Imagins, Momotaros (Red), Urataros (Blue), Kintaros (Yellow) and Ryuutaros (Purple).

Opening the box is such a delight during Christmas eve. Climax Form has literally tons of accessories, mainly the Taros mask parts. Ryuutaros has the most number of representations, there is an open-mouth for the Hissatsu Attack and a closed static piece for his chest. I understand the logic behind having two chest pieces instead of one hinged Ryuutatos mouth to save on space. Think of this, if there is just one chest piece with a hinged mouth it could have some repercussions such as a loose chest with the mouth dangling too much or it may be too thick loosing its aesthetic appeal to the would be collector. Two more Ryuutaros parts are included for the leg and arms.

For Kintaros, there are three parts. First is for the left shoulder pad, next is the hand which Kintaros becomes a blade in Punch Mode and lastly is for right hip in Kick Mode. Amongst all Imagin masks, Urataros is the most versatile (having only 1 mask) and can change positions easily by shifting its antennas for Punch and Kick modes. There are 5 hands in total, these are two relaxed hands, two holding hands and one hand to hold the Rider Pass. These hands are remolds of Den-O Strike Form. Speaking of rider passes, we are given two- open and closed. Dengasher holders without the sword are also included and lastly two Dengashers with one blade separated from the shaft to replicate the Hissatsu Attack. I had a problem on the latter because I have no idea how to pose this with Climax Form if I don't have a Tamashii Stage to hold the blade and copy that attack. It doesn't makes sense.

Poseabilities for Climax form was never a problem to me as some of its mold is like Den-O Strike form's joints. The exception is on the shoulders which was taken from SHF Ichigo and Nigo. However, a warning to those wanting this figure as the hip joints seems to have a tendency to "lock" when moved in different poses or trying to maximize the hip's potential. It would be a great difficulty to bring back those legs into default position once the legs lock. Climax Form doesn't include wings but there is a tab at the back panel (see video below) that opens and hopefully a set of effect parts comes along to have this in Super Mode. I know some would ask why he doesn't have the wings...welll if he did then the box would say Den-O Super Climax Form would it?
The colorful SHF Den-O Climax Form was very fitting to get during the holiday season to end the SHF line-up for the year 2011. The parts were nice, the mold is superb. I had only qualms on the masks scratching the surface of other accessories. Everything else - I love it. Climax form makes me more excited to see what Sword Form and other Imagin-induced transformations would look like. Bring it on Bandai.




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