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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider Super 1

Before there was Kamen Rider Fourze, Kamen Rider Super 1 was a Rider built by the Americans and Japanese for him to survive in space without the bulky stuff. That is why Super-1 has tassels similar to a cowboy's upper garment.

I'm totally excited on the latest releases of Bandai's S.I.C. line. Super in SIC just becomes and understatement. A good example is SIC Kamen Rider Super - 1, one of the final triumvirates that is needed to complete the Showa era. If you were hesitating before in including SICs in your collection of riders, now is the time get back on the saddle and ride with me through this review.

SIC Kamen Rider Super 1 has a different design on the box and a bit wider than Skyrider. Silver Gothic flames surround this piece of art and its window shows more revealing parts and accessories you'll see once you open the box. Colorful panels are located on the side of the box that represents some of the "switches" that translates on the gauntlets' paint apps. We'll get to those later. Out of the box, again there are no twisties to hinder you in playing with this figure. Add all of the accessories are served on a single tray.

Before I started reviewing the figure, I set to Google past series images of Super-1 and compare those against its SIC form. I was just stunned to see that...this SIC version is much better than its original look. As expected, this SIC is a hulk-ed version of Super-1. The parts and finely detailed. What took me abreast are the chain tassels on the default gauntlets called Super Hands. These are held on by a thin aluminum metal. Definitely a better look for Super-1. Moving the joints are a breath of fresh air, its upper torso, legs and arms work almost perfectly, making the figure absolutely poseable. As I said, almost perfect. The hips are my biggest obstacle since they don't work well in squatting positions. Near the hips are soft plastics to lessen the hindrances but just won't cut it for my taste.

The Cyclode belt feels like a fusion of Kamen Rider Black's Kingstone belt and Ichigo's. Cyclode is not as accurate as you wished it could be, but this is SIC so lets move on. On the side are painted panels that represent the different gauntlets.

Now for the exciting part of my review are the accessories. He has two open hands and two finger pointing hands. But what will take you away are the following gauntlets: Elek Hands, Power Hands, Radar Hands and Hot and Cold hands.

Elek hands are painted in I think baby blue and its finger tips are shaped like pointy spark plugs giving more emphasis to its name. Lines that goes on the hands are like circuit boards painted in a mix of bronze and gold. I never knew bronze, blue and gold blend well together till I saw this.

The bulkiest of them all are the Power Hands. I mentioned on my youtube review that these hands look like Iron Man's Hulk Buster hands. Aside from the ball joints the hands have hinges allowing you to open and close this. You can even grab an SHF on its neck. These comes in two parts, the hands and the armlet to complete Power Hand mode.

Radar Hands are a pair of golden gloves with missiles on top. Fourze wasn't the first one to use Radar as part of a Kamen Rider's arsenal. Against the rest of the exchangeable gaunlets, Radar Hands are the most mechanical-looking.

Another set of accessories are the Hot and Cold Hands. Hot is for his right arm and Cold for the left. A cool (no pun intended) feature on Hot is how the red translucent part on the fingers transitions to a solid paint. It is the same with Cold. Lastly to complete the look, a scarf/muffler with a hinge is also included.

The S.I.C. Kamen Rider Super-1 is equally handsome as Skyrider. In fact in SIC form Super-1 even looks better than the character on the show. I'm now more excited to see ZX soon to complete the final triumvirate of Showa riders to grace the SIC line. Saying "highly recommend" is too modest for me to describe Super-1.








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