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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TV Asahi Open Gobuster Site

Tokumei Sentai Gobusters site has officially opened in TV Asahi 5 list. In line with this, new character background and series plot were revealed. It is official that Naomi Takebe will be producing the series, Yasuko Kabayashi will be the Head Script Writer and Hirofumi Fukuzawa is the Action Director.

The plot starts at 13 years ago when a Bug Program was accidentally created and is wreaking havoc on the Energy Management Office's Main Computer. As a result, a unknown energy is created called as "Vaam".

At present, Vaam becomes a viable source of energy and its evil counterpart begins invading Earth. There were 3 children who escaped from the Energy Management office are our budding heroes accompanied by their BuddyRoids.

  • Red Buster and Chida Nikku - Red can teleport and can move at mach speeds. Chida Nikku is his partner which can transform into bike and a humanoid. Chida is a Cheeta-like machine and acts as an older brother to Red. Nikku can use his wheels as weapons and shields.
  • Blue Buster and Gorisaki Banana - Blue is the oldest of the three and the strongest as well. Gorisaki is a Gorilla mecha and is clumsy in nature, kind-hearted and is the mechanic for the team.
  • Yellow Buster and Usada Letas - Yellow has a powerful kick and jumping prowess like her partner Usada Letas. Usada Letas is a Rabbit-type machine and works in the data management system at their base.
Weapons of Choice:
  • Buster Gear - The team uses this for espionage which is their main theme for their outfit - spies.
  • Morphin Brace - Their main henshin device placed on the left arm. They call out "Let's Morphin!" to activate the device akin to Power Rangers transformation cry.
  • Ichigan Buster - A Single-Lens Reflex Camera that transforms into a sniper gun.
  • Sougan Blade - A pair of binoculars that transform into a sword.
  • A combination of Ichigan Buster and Sougan Blade create Special Buster Mode.
  • Transpod - Spy backpacks where they carry their items and weapons.

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters airs on February 26th at TV Asahi 5.


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