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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gentaro's Motor Shop?

Recently we posted an announcement that Souta Fukushi who played the titular Kamen Rider Fourze/Kisaragi Gentaro opened his own blog site, now we have his twitter account. We are in hopes to gain new information on upcoming Fourze episodes, guess what, we might have.

Aside from this, a lot of Kamen Rider fans have spotted of a possible Kamen Rider episode. On another tweet (@fuwa1fuwa) he mentioned "Gentaro's mysterious "***" finally appeared". What does this mean? More of this information below:

"This morning, they were filming Fourze at a motorcycle store. Seems like they are filming at a florist now."
"I think the by the motorcycle store. There was a sign saying 'Kisaragi Motors'"

On the other hand, @sggk_maiko tweeted about another Kamen Rider Fourze filming. Here's what is mentioned in the tweet:

"Fourze is being filmed at Saitama Super Arena. I couldn't see properly since I saw everything from the female toilet on the 32nd floor. The monster was red. I saw some sparks and Fourze was defeated!"
"Fourze had a red and yellow weapon-like item."

There are some speculations from these tweets, Kisaragi motors is Gentaro's family shop, is the Red and Yellow Weapon part of the Apollo State?

Via Gideonburogu and Decaend of HJU


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